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~*Guardian Angel of Solaris*~

"Sometimes.. the truth is harder then the pain inside.."

Citan Uzuki / Hyuga Ricdeau Fan Community
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"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" -Bergson.

"Using power or being used by power, is that not a question of the heart?" -Citan Uzuki from Xenogears.


Welcome to the Hyuga Ricdeau / Citan Uzuki Fan Community. This community is dedicated to one of the most thought provoking and mysterious characters in the game Xenogears.

All through the game his motives are suspect. You catch yourself wondering exactly -whose- side he is on, and his knowledge of the different situations in and around the Ignas Continent is very nearly frightening. What is -not- to love about this character, from his perceptive chocolate brown eyes to his perchant for the color green. (He even named his -daughter- after the colour. ^_^) Perpetually cool, calm and collected, nothing ever really phases him. A genius in all senses of the words, from his prototypes of different gears to his studies into the realm of the mind and his doctoring abilities.

He -is- the renaissance man and likewise worthy of our devotion.

This community is for anything Citan, be it fics, fanart, icons, pictures, drabbles, general commentaries on the game, discussions of Citan's character in game, speculations and comparisions between Citan Uzuki from Xenogears and Jin Uzuki from Xenosaga. Bring it on.

And yes we -are- yaoi friendly too.

However if you are going to post -anything- graphic (of a yaoi or hentai nature) concerning the good doctor, please use a Lj-cut and preface it with a warning. Some people do not like their saccules sacked and their utricles tickled (at least not without warning).

And on a last note. Please no flame wars over pairings and the whatnot. We are all adults here, remember.. WWCD (What Would Citan Do).


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