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~A ficlet.. after long last.. gasp~ - ~*Guardian Angel of Solaris*~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Citan Uzuki / Hyuga Ricdeau Fan Community

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~A ficlet.. after long last.. gasp~ [Mar. 23rd, 2005|09:36 pm]
Citan Uzuki / Hyuga Ricdeau Fan Community


[music |Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf]

Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Well they are best friends in this story.. probably just a little before their relationship starts. But it does involve Sigurd and Citan
Theme: Roads
Warnings: None.

No two roads in Solaris were ever the same.

They all converged, took different pathways up toward unreachable spires. People came and went on those roads, moving up and down the paths that fate had set for them while life moved around them, buzzed and whirled with the clatter of footsteps against the smooth platinum walkways of the future. Emperor Cain had often said during video transmissions to the students of the Jugend that Solaris was the path to the future, and the students the footsteps that carried them there.

After all without footsteps, walkways were just flat surfaces. It was the people that gave them direction.

The roads though diverged and he saw this most keenly as he sat there on the ledge of the fountain that graced the center of Millenia Square. He observed numerous people part ways, chanced to see people meet up again. People unknowing of the next moment or where it would lead them. With any path, therewas an air of uncertainty. Sometimes one did not always meet their destination, they might along the way be diverted or waylaid by other people. Such eventualities could seldomn be pictured or planned.

There Hyuga sat, recording all these thoughts into his notebook when Sigurd approached carrying two plastic cups of ice cream; green tea for Hyuga and chocolate for himself. He sat down beside Hyuga and peered over his best friend's shoulder at the lines upon lines of liquid philosophy that had blossomed forth from Hyuga's pen.

"You know, Hyu... You don't have to record the momentary annals of every solarian that walks down this street.." Sigurd advised with more sagity then one would give him credit for. Many often times saw the surface that was Sigurd, rarely the moments of reflection and solemnity that periodically graced Sigurd with it's gifts.

"But who knows when these notes might do us good for research." Hyuga said, trying to cover up his own fascination with scholarly excuses. Pen was still skittering frantically over sheets of paper. Sigurd vaugely wondered if Hyuga was writing so fast because he feared that the paper would disappear at any given moment.

"They won't do us any good, Hyu. We don't know where they are going and you are merely capturing a moment in time. In the end, we just have to concentrate on our own roads because that's the only one we shall ever know to completion." Sigurd dug his spoon into velvety chocolate and then took a bite.

All scribbling ceased to be and Hyuga looked up at Sigurd with eyes that were bottomless nigh fathomless. "Sometimes, Harcourt.. you really do amaze me." Hyuga then accepted to trade his notebook in for the refreshing treat that Sigurd had so kindly provided for him.

"I'll take that as a compliment, now eat before it melts." Sigurd elbowed his best friend in the side and then Hyuga did eat. Drawing his mind away from roads that he couldn't wander and futures that he could not see.